Engraved USB flash drive | USB 3.0 16GB | Bamboo wood | Silver-plated Pendant | Available in 10 fonts nad Ikons

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Engraved USB flash drive

Gift idea

Engraved USB flash drive a original gift idea for a birthday, anniversary gift or christmas gift with Your free engraving on bamboo. Handmade flash drive is made of the highest quality bamboo conjunction with pendant covered with a layer of pure silver 999. It has a unique system of magnetic plugs. The elegant character completes reliable electronics with capacities from 16 to 128GB USB 3.0 technology.

Wood used for our usb flash drive manufacturing is obtained exclusively from the legal source, from the renowned suppliers and is FSC certified.

Check how many files can be saved
Capacity 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB
Photos 12 Mpx JPG, high quality 1 900 3 800 7 600 15 250 31 000
Videos Full HD, 9 Mbps 120 min. 240 min. 480 min. 960 min. 1920 min.
Music MP3, 128 kbps 120 hours 240 hours 480 hours 960 hours 1920 hours

How it's made

Each USB Flash Drive is made from start to finish in our workshop